Hesperus Christian Academy

For the upcoming 2020-2021 school year, we will be following guidelines on how to return to school safely.  We already have distancing measures and sanitizing measures in place.  We will limiting our enrollment.  With this being said, our enrollment will be on first come first served basis.  If you think you might be interested, call me now! (970)799-6048.  Let me put your name on the list.  Because of recent developments, I expect a much larger than normal applicant response. 

If you are able to homeschool, let me encourage you to do so.   We can work together to accomplish this.  Your child will receive daily assignments from me, to be turned in to me.  Your child will be encouraged to call to get help and to grade.  There will be required tests on a biweekly schedule.  And I will be in charge of grades and transcripts.  You pay for books and a monthly fee for grade keeping, goal setting, and transcripts.  Your child will also be allowed/encouraged to participate in field trips and events that we as a school participate in.  We also have available a 2-day week schedule and a 3-day week schedule where your child studies at home a few days and then at school a few days.  Please contact me if this might be an option you would like to explore.

To the parents who have been thrown into homeschooling their children:
You got this! Don’t worry if you don’t think you’re qualified.  You are the best teacher for your child right now!  They are going to need a lot of love right now; their world is upside too!  I have a few suggestions to help you transition into the homeschool teacher mode.

Routine! Set an alarm. Get dressed. Try to follow your child’s schedule that they had at school to some extent.  They need normalcy.  Their attitude toward learning will be more positive if it is like what they were somewhat used to.   If work is available from their school, use it.  This will ensure that they will not be behind when they return.  If you don’t understand it, ask.  You’d be amazed at what help is available for you right now.  Don’t think you are alone in this.  This whole country is in the same boat.  With this in mind, reach out to fellow parents.  With technology today, there is no reason not to keep in touch.  Facetime!  Let you child facetime other students in their class to let them know, they are not the only ones being homeschooled right now.  Make this a fun experience.  Be creative.  Give frequent hugs. Don’t be hard on yourself, we will make it through this together!  If you need help, advice, or materials please feel free to contact me.
Mrs. Tracy